General Studies

General Studies

Referring to the Supplementary Guidelines for General Studies subject (Primary School Grade 1 to NSS F.3) (2013) for students with intellectual disabilities, the General Studies subject is to provide students with a diverse learning experience, allowing students to use different senses to contact, experience, understand and explore, learn about the world around them, and develop students' self-learning ability. General Studies subject strands included “Health and Living”, “People and Environment”, “Science and Technology in Everyday Life”, “Community and Citizenship”, “National Identity and Chinese Culture”, “Global Understanding and the Information Era”.


Learning Activity: Food Workshop

Strand 1: Health and Living

1.       Through the smell of different types of food or drinks, students' olfactory response can be consolidated.

2.       Let students reach out or touch food with their skin to improve their tactile response.

3.       Use the simulated vending machine to attract student's attention, let students buy their favorite food, and strengthen students' concentration and initiative.


Learning Activity: Exploring The Mysterious Nature

Strand 2: People and Environment

1.       Learning through natural environment, sound of rain was played and photos of thunderstorms were displayed to induce students to use hearing and vision to sense the change in weather. 

2.       Make students curious about nature's animals, and make animal textbooks with different textures, so that students are encouraged to explore the mysteries of nature by themselves.


Note: The school-based General Studies subject course is under construction.

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