Liberal Studies_Independent Living

Liberal Studies_Independent Living

Referring to the 2009 Education Bureau's Liberal Studies/Independent Living Course and Assessment Supplementary Guidelines Prepared for students with intellectual disabilities, the Liberal Studies/Independent Living Course is designed based on the study of General Studies subject in basic education. This course consists of three areas of study: “Self and Personal Growth”, “Society and Culture”, and “Science, Technology and Environment”.


Learning Activity: “Nature • Big Production” (Science, Technology and Environment)

1. Educator takes students to the garden and asks students to see / touch the herb / flowers / fruit, and sniff the smell.

2. Educator and students look for useful resources in the flower garden, such as flowers, fruit or herb.

3. Educator and students use the resources (fruit or herb) found in the flower garden to make drinks. 


Note: The school-based Liberal Studies/Independent Living subject course is under construction.