Social Work Service

Social Work Service

“Listen to people’ inner feelings and thoughts; connect people with sincerity; embrace and encourage while working together as their companions. “

Service Objectives

  • Communicate with students' families to understand their needs and concerns, collaborate with the School staff, and work out student's personal development plans.
  • Assist parents in establishing good partnerships with the School and assist parents in accepting and nurturing their children appropriately.
  • Foster communication among parents and encourage them to fulfil their potential.
  • Enhance parents' awareness on rehabilitation services and development. Facilitate self-help and mutual support.
  • Collaborate with community partners to promote social acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities and promote social inclusion.

Service Areas


  • Arrange admission of students and referral for students leaving the School.
  • Follow up with case families and provide counselling and referral services as needed.
  • Participate in Life Planning Meeting, collaborate across disciplines, and discuss students' education plans.
  • Work closely with medical social workers and medical staff of Caritas Medical Centre and regularly participate in case conferences to discuss students' health progress and learning progress.


  • Coordinate “The Care for the Carer Program”, enhancing communication among parents.
  • Promote the development of Parent Staff Association (PSA) and conduct parent education.
  • Promote communication and cooperation between the multi-disciplinary professional team and parents.


  • Promote community education and engage volunteers from the community to carry out volunteer service at Lok Yan.
  • Host visits from outside groups.
  • Provide information to school publication “Fai Shun” to promote community education.
  • As a representative to attend parent organization meetings, events or joint school social worker meetings, to strengthen communication and collaboration with the external parties.