The layout of the school-based curriculum of mathematics based on the concept of “Mathematization”. The contents of different areas are sorted from the coarsest to the most precise. Under the principle of “Same curriculum framework”, the school-based learning areas of mathematics include “Numeracy and algebra”, “Measurement, graphics and space”, and “Data processing”.


Learning Activity: Welcome to the Spring Festival

Category of Learning: Numbers and Algebra, counts in numbers

Teacher takes students to visit the simulated flower market to buy flowers, tangerines, New Year's goods and New Year's decorations. During the process, he/she explores with the student to count the number of flowers, tangerines and New year package. They can learn about the concept of “more or less”.


Learning Activity: Baking Master

Category of Learning: Metrics, Graphics and Space

Teacher kneads the dough together with the students, to shape the dough into straight bars or curved shapes, so as to explore the different forms of straight and curved with the students. Finally, they bake the dough with straight shape and curved shape into bread, and further learn about the concept of straight and curved.

Study Photos
  • Mathematics-Use of vision, hearing, tactile to sense long and short of objects
  • Mathematics-Encourage students to focus on activities of counting in numbers