Chinese Language

Chinese Language

The Chinese Language curriculum is designed with the goal of developing competence in using the five language skills including Pre-linguisitic skills, listening skills, speaking skills, reading skills and writing skills. The content of the five learning categories are as follows:

l   “Pre-linguisitic skills”: Establish the foundation for listening, speaking, reading, and writing , including cultivation of attention and imitation skills.

l   “Listening skills”: Focus on and understand the external message.

l   “Speaking Skills”: Express what you think.

l   “Reading Skills”: Understand external things / pictures / symbols / text.

l   Writing Skills”: Control and coordinate hand muscle function (fine motor skill), and use word or non-word in a systematic and organized manner to express your thoughts and feelings.


Learning Activities: Celebrate the Chinese New Year together

Celebrate the Chinese New Year, wearing new clothes;

Celebrate the Chinese New Year, preparing together;

Celebrate the Chinese New Year, setting off firecrackers;

Celebrate the Chinese New Year, eating rice cakes;

Celebrate the Chinese New Year, singing together.


Through the above brief content, students can listen to and participate in the Chinese New Year’s activities (listening/reading), we can encourage students to respond (speaking :) with their facial expressions. And we also cultivate students’ understanding of Chinese culture.

Study Photos
  • Chinese Language - Story listening - Expressing by lips movement for requesting story telling to be continued