Achievements of other stakeholders

Achievements of other stakeholders

Chapter for Parents: Ms. Lam Shuk Ching was awarded the Best Parent (2017-2018) in “The Fifth Top Ten Outstanding Parents Election”. Organizer: Hong Kong Parents Association Limited

Acceptance Speech

Ms. Lam Shuk Ching

On August 18, 2018, I was standing on the stage with complex feelings in my heart for the first time in my life. Recalling the hardships that have come along in recent years, I am so emotional. This prize is not only an affirmation for me, it is also an encouragement for parents having the same experience. The road is tough, and there are tears and laughter along the way.
Thank you, Principal Mok, for taking time out of your busy schedule to accompany me to the awards ceremony, Sister Cheung, who is full of love, and teacher Ms. Mei Han, who always carries a smile that is like sunshine, and good friends who have been staying with me all these years. They cried and laughed with me and never quit. Thank you all! Your support and encouragement have helped me step out of my pain for being abandoned and made me believe once again that as long as my heart is full of love, I will be cared for.
Joining the big family of Caritas Jockey Club Lok Yan School in 2016 has completely changed my attitude towards life. I saw selfless love from the school staff, learned to be brave and strong from children, and learned to be persistent from other parents. I remembered reading the phrase “No family, no room, but the road is not long when I have love in my heart”. no matter how sick or healthy our children are, they are the only angels in this world in parents' hearts. As a mother, I hope that my child will be safe and happy, and all children in the School can live with dignity and be loved.
I am very grateful to Hong Kong Parents Association Limited for organizing this activity. Through this activity, I felt the concern from various sections in the society for special children and their encouragement and support given to parents. This activity also benefited me a lot. I wish to learn more from other parents to make up for my shortcomings, and also hope that I can endeavour to make contribution to the creation of a harmonious and integrated society.

Chapter for Parents : Learning Mama Shared Successful Home-School Cooperation Experience

Gratitude to So Kei Fung, member of the school board of the Shan King Estate Baptist Kindergarten, Principal Fung Wing Man and teachers for their visit to the School on April 13, 2019. Our school parent Ms. Lam Shuk Ching (Hyun’s mama) and Principal Mok shared the “Successful home-school cooperation” on that day. Hyun's mama believed that the Parent-Teacher Association served as a bridge to communicate with the School. Through Parent-Teacher Association, parents can participate in more school affairs and also learn in the process. To achieve successful cooperation, both parties need time to reach consensuses, communicate frankly and build trust gradually. Hyun's mama expressed that support from the School and communication with parents had given her a lot of support. Those who were present were even moved to tears by the story of Hyun's mama.

Chapter for Parents: Papa Lee Met Mama Lok Yan

The “Papa Lee Met Mama Lok Yan” activity was held in October 2018 to gather parents' strength. A movie Rock Me to the Moon was shared. In the movie, six fathers of the children with rare disease formed an amateur rock band and performed in the Gongliao International Ocean Music Festival. Music brought them from being isolated and discriminated to being able to come out and share their stories. The most impressed part of the activity was the sharing session “Papa Lee Met Mama Lok Yan”. Chan Wai Hyun's mother (Hyun's mama), who was the Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association, was moved by the sharing of Mr. Chan Ching Tak (Papa Lee), one of the main characters in Rock Me to the Moon. She came to the stage to share her story. She talked about the details and feelings of taking care of her child, which allowed the participants to experience the parents' love for the children and the determination to take care of the disabled children. During this activity, it was also amazing to see that one’s life can influence others' life. Some participants were even moved to tears, they showed gratitude to each distinguished guest for giving all of us a wonderful lesson in life education.

Chapter for Parents: Parents of students with rare diseases share their experience about taking care of their children

The “CMC Carer Academy” website is very honored to receive strong support and enthusiastic participation from Dr. Sham Kwan Ho , a psychiatrist, who joined Mr. and Mrs. Leung, the parents of student with rare disease in the School, to record “Secret Whispers of Like-minded People”on January 16, 2019.. On the day of the visit and interview, we were moved by the experience and attitude of Mr. and Mrs. Leung. In response to their sharing, Dr. Sham made a professional analysis, which enlightened everyone and reminded ushow to face the problem positively and seek support appropriately during difficult times.

Chapter for Parents: “Torchlight Father” was praised

Heung Yee Kuk New Territories and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office co-sponsored the “2012 Hong Kong Torchlight Father Award Commendation Conference”, commending 10 fathers from Taiwan and Hong Kong. Mr. Cheung, the School parent, was praised.

Chapter for Teachers : Awards

Year of Award






Chief Executive's Awards for Teaching Excellence - Certificate of Merit

Education and Manpower Bureau



Accept praise in the 23rd Teacher Commendation Scheme

Committee on Respect Our Teachers Campaign



Accept praise in the 24th Teacher Commendation Scheme

Committee on Respect Our Teachers Campaign



Accept praise in the 25th Teacher Commendation Scheme

Committee on Respect Our Teachers Campaign




Chief Executive's Awards for Teaching Excellence - Certificate of Merit

Education Bureau

Chapter for the School Staff : Winning thesis competition

Thesis competition for the “The Tenth Five-Year Plan” of the National Educational Science, “Study on the Performance of Moderately Severely Mentally Handicapped Students' Thematic Training” (2006)

 1. Thesis Title: “Improving the Communication Will of Students with Severe Intellectual Disabilities through aResponsive Environment”
  Awarded: First Prize   
  Author: HUI KIN MAN (teacher), SZE WAI YING (teacher), TSAI FUNG YING (teacher), LO CHING YI (physical therapist), YEUNG YUK MUI (occupational therapist)

 2. Thesis Title: “Opening up the Sky for Students with Severe Mental Retardation and Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired -” Intensive “Communication Teaching Case”
  Awarded: Third Prize   
  Author: LIN SU MEI (teacher)