Complex Medical Case Food Lab

Complex Medical Case Food Lab

With the funding support from “Operation Santa Claus”, the first “Complex Medical Case Food Lab” in Hong Kong was completed and started to use in September 2019. It is expected that as a research, resource and training center, Carers and cross-professional teams will work together, unite the community's cooperative partners, and gather intelligence, experience and knowledge of all walks of life, to create healthy, delicious, economical and simple recipes to meet the special dietary needs of Complex Medical Case (CMC).


Well-equipped Research Facilities

It is equipped with a tutor demonstration table and eight student work desks, with various cooking utensils.


Integration of Health Knowledge and Information

Health information charts such as nutritious dinner plates and five-color vegetables and fruits are posted on the wall to promote healthy life.


Barrier-free Environment and Facilities

It is equipped with lift able washing facilities and working tables for people of different heights and wheelchair users.


Focus on Safety and Health

Safety and hygiene guidelines are in place to ensure that all equipment and appliances are properly stored and used.



Systematic Knowledge

The lab is equipped with video equipment to record the research process for public education purposes such as health research and knowledge sharing. In addition, a TV has been installed for live broadcast of the instructor’s demonstration and explanation, so that all students can clearly watch the instructor's demonstration and listen to the explanation duringwhen participating in class. Therefore, learning effectiveness is improved.


  • CMC Food Lab Intro Video