Music Activities

Music Activities

The Music Activity subject includes four learning targets. They are “Developing Creativity and Imagination”, “Developing Music Skills and Processes”, “Cultivating Critical Responses in Music” and “Understanding Music in Contexts”. It aims to develop students' interest and understanding of music through different music activities.


Learning Activity: Military March music

1.       Stimulate students' auditory and sensory learning through military march music and drum sounds with strong rhythm. (Cultivating Critical Responses, Understanding Music in Context)

2.       By playing / touching military drums, it can stimulate students' multisensory learning such as sense of touch and proprioception. At the same time, it can also strengthen students' gross-motor muscle and fine motor muscle ability (Develop skills and processes)

3.       By listening to military music and drum sounds, students are encouraged to exercise body movement rhythmically and play snare drums, which will also show their creativity potential (Developing creativity and imagination).

Study Photos
  • Music activity subject-aware of the difference between rhythmic and non-rhythmic music
  • Music activity subject-use repetitive rhythm music to encourage students to play (modified) instruments