Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy


The Occupational Therapy facilitates students' development as much as possible and enhances their independence of daily living through the therapeutic activities and assistive device.

Category of Treatment

Assess individual student's functional ability and performance levels, providing treatment ranging from play activities, hand function, sensory motor training, seating and wheelchair assessment and daily living skills training, etc.

Treatment Strategies

  1. Sensory / perceptual training: Improve head control, sitting balance, hand function, wheelchair training, perception concepts and sensory integration activities.
  2. Oral function training: improve feeding performance and swallowing co-ordination.
  3. Daily living skills: provide dressing, toileting, personal hygiene training to increase their living independence
  4. Assistive devices and environmental modification: prescribe wheelchairs improving students' sitting posture; computer training to enhance student learning.
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