School Achievement

School Achievement

Complex Medical Case Food Lab

In recent years, the School has tried to apply design thinking to promote “The Care for the Carer Program”, which aims to support parents and carers. We are grateful to the “Operation Santa Claus” for the generous funding support. The first “Complex Medical Case Food Lab” in Hong Kong started to operate in September 2019.



1 Unlock the potential of carers, improve self-image, develop support networks, improve the quality of life of CMC of different ages, and promote healthy diet and healthy life to the public.

2 Provide a fully equipped kitchen to create economical, fast, easy, healthy and delicious recipes to meet the special dietary needs of CMC.

3 Function as a research and resource center  to conduct menu research, culinary training, food arts, and public education.

4 Provide a simulated restaurant environment for students’ learning five-senses learning courses.

CMC Carer Academy Website


With aging population, the number of Complex Medical Case(CMC) continues to increase, so does the number of carers. Yet, who are there to take care of the carers?

To take good care of patients, carers need strong body, mind, and spirit, as well as practical knowledge and skills. More importantly, they need support and encouragement from companions as well.

The School has been established for more than 35 years. In addition to the rich experience of taking caring of CMC, we have also gathered a lot of caring and intelligent companions and community partners. Therefore, we established the website “CMC Carer Academy” as a mutual supportive network for carers as well as to provide the public with valuable information, and gather more caring people to create synergy, so that everyone can lives with dignity and quality!

Thanks the Labor and Welfare Bureau for  sponsoring the design of the website. Special gratitude to Dr. Sham Kwan Ho, specialist in psychiatry, and Mr. and Mrs. Leung, family members of rare disease patients, for their volunteering to participate in the filming of the first series of our companion sharing videos.

Caring Campus Reward

Received the Theme Award for Successful Parent-school Collaboration of the Caring School Award Scheme 2019 co-organized by Hong Kong Christian Service, Hong Kong  Association of Careers Master and Guidance Master (HKACMGM) and the Education Bureau. A video was filmed by the organizer for the public sharing.

Create reference valued teaching strategies and plans.

The School is a Learning Organization. Since the establishment of the School, there has been a lack of reference materials in the community. Therefore, the School continued to introduce the support from the Education Bureau and the tertiary institutions, set up study groups on different topics and develop suitable curriculum and assessment for students with severe and multiple learning difficulties. We also create reference valued teaching strategies and make use of information technology to modify and produce  creative and practical teaching aids. Teachers always promote good practice and experiences through joining the Seeds Project offered by the Education Bureau and the Rehabilitation Institutions regularly. The main achievements are as follows:



Set up home training program for graduated students, to extend the rehabilitation training for students after leaving school, and to encourage the society to pay attention to the adult services for the disabled.


The first multi-sensory room in Hong Kong schools was established. The following year, a manual on Application of Multi-sensory Room was published for reference by special schools and rehabilitation institutions.


Love Yeild Program and interactive game teaching were introduced.


Intensive Interaction was introduced.


The image concept system and multi-sensory learning strategies, etc. were introduced in order to meet the learning needs of students.


Eye tracker was applied to promote student learning.


“Hospital-Home-School Co-operation on Healthy Eating Curriculum in Life Planning” was developed.

With a focus on the linking of life planning education and career guidance with school-based curriculum, and for the first time, through a collaboration between hospital, parents, and schoola school-based healthy diet course with has been systematically developed.

Hong Kong Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award 2021

Caritas Jockey Club Lok Yan school won the Hong Kong Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award 2021. The school's contribution, performance and innovation in knowledge management have been recognized.


MIKE Award is organized by the Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Center of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The independent judging panel is composed of senior experts and senior management personnel. The main purpose of the award is to find out how the winners can nurture and transform knowledge based on their wisdom to design and create excellent products, services, and solutions. Lok Yan became the first special school to receive the MIKE Award in Hong Kong.



The Judges mentioned that Caritas Jockey Club Lok Yan school is a very impressive knowledge organization with a clear vision and mission to enable development of a knowledge strategy to achieve its goals. It is particularly commendable to see that the organization appreciates the value of involving a wider external community in gathering, evolving, and disseminating knowledge to develop new products/services in order to tangibly improve its students' lives in line with the school's values. The involvement of carers to provide an additional layer of knowledge sharing to drive improvements to students' lives and the willingness of the school to share its knowledge and innovation to other organizations demonstrates its leadership in innovation in special education for students with learning disabilities. Although the scale of this school is small, its achievements in knowledge management are particularly impressive.


Thanks to the judging panel for clearly pointing out that the school can display more evaluation data in terms of innovative thinking mode; this is the specific improvement direction for the school team in the future. It is hoped that more community partners can be gathered to promote the application of knowledge management strategies to improve the quality of life of children with special educational needs.

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At the 9th Cross-Strait and Four Regions Enlightenment Service Seminar, sharing the application of eye tracker support at the Learning and Teaching Expo, sharing the integration of intelligent robots into the classroom (2018)

Severely mentally handicapped students build a leisure life (2018)



Participate in the Professional Development Day of Special Schools in Hong Kong and share eye tracking technology at The Education University of Hong Kong (2018)