Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Caritas Jockey Club Lok Yan School (Lok Yan) is a school that spreads and develops special education knowledge. Due to the lack of reference data for the development of inpatients with severe intellectual disability, multiple disabilities and complex medical conditions, it is extremely important to create new knowledge to help this group of children, and knowledge management is one of the most effective methods.

Knowledge management is a strategic process to improve the effectiveness of the organization. The process includes five steps: Acquisition, storage, application, sharing and creation. Among them, interpersonal interaction is a necessary condition for creating knowledge. In order to promote team innovation through interaction, Lok Yan

  1. Develops policies and procedures for knowledge management
  2. Cooperates with school development, arranges staff training and knowledge sharing in a planned way
  3. Completes an action research and shares the research results every three years in groups.
  4. Promotes professional growth and generates special education knowledge through storytelling, community of practice (CoP), after action review, design thinking, enlighten, team learning, etc.
  5. Develops a electronic Knowledge Management platform


We are committed to pay the most attention to our students and keep learning to improve ourselves, so as to let everyone live with dignity and in an environment that enhances quality of life.


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